Travel to Thailand

Coconut Groves and Loi Krathong Festival

Thailand is very modern compared to Nepal. It’s airport is not unlike Vancouver’s – modern and bright and organized, and traffic actually obeys the rules of the road.

It was nice to have our hotel right on Khao San road because all the street food and entertainment was just steps away, as well as two of our best friends who were staying in a hostel down the street from us. Khao San is the main entertainment district in Thailand akin to Granville Street in Vancouver or Hollywood Blvd. in LA, with tons of things to buy like sunglasses, bathing suits, shirts, pants, massages and fried scorpions, .25 cent meals, and drinks served in buckets. It’s very hectic and exciting and swarming with people from all over the world.

Three days on Khao San is plenty, but we stayed for about 11 days in total to make time for meetings, exploring coconut groves and wake boarding. Even though most of our time in Thailand was spent working with a group of people we did manage to sneak away together on the night of the lantern festival. We walked from our hotel to the Rama VIII suspension bridge to find it’s underbelly lined with merchants selling flowers and fruit smoothies and tiny little baby eggs and of course, paper lanterns. We bought two mid-sized lanterns and Russia had to carry both of them over his head through the crowd to get to the top of the bridge where we lit them aflame and set them free. Mindy’s lantern nearly plummeted off the bridge to a watery death until it swooped up at the very last second thanks to the good vibes of an elderly Thai woman standing beside us and a lucky breeze. Russia’s lantern floated straight up to the stars in the sky :).