About Us

My name is mindythelion and my boyfriend’s name is Russia. We’re both ex-9-5-grinders, once upon a time working over 50 hours per week on behalf of companies ranging from Fortune 500 to startup, for people who didn’t know we existed.

We’ve since created a more balanced lifestyle for ourselves. Russia runs his company High On Life and makes YouTube videos for a living, and I’m a remote social media strategist in the luxury travel industry. Together we have the ability to work from anywhere in the world, as long as there is wifi.

We spend around 10 hours per day squatting on our laptops, and in our spare time we go on adventure dates. We’ll do pretty much anything that presents itself. From couples bungee jumping, to lounging in private pool villas, sledding down active volcanos and drinking coffee brewed from rodent poo, this blog represents not only a collection of the random and cool things we do while working around the world, but the random and cool way the world works itself.