Best Baits to Use for Catfish

Folks, learning how to catch catfish is a lot different than learning how to fish for bass, crappie, etc. When you throw your line in the water, you want to keep your catfish bait in the same area.

In other kinds of freshwater fishing, you often cover a lot of area until you find where the fish are hiding.  Fishing for catfish is different.  Here’s why …

By keeping your bait in the same area, the scent from the catfish bait intensifies.  This is very important when fishing for channel catfish.  Because it’s a channel, the water will move your line and bait.  Don’t let this happen for very long.

You’re going to want to throw back in the same, original area of water that you started fishing in.  By going back to the same area of water, you allow that stink bait to really stink up that area of water.  And remember, because catfish rely on scent more than sight, this is critical.

If you want to learn Best Baits to Use for your best spinning reel, you’ve come to the right place. I know a thing or two about catching em. Everyone wanted to know my secrets and frankly, I got tired of repeating myself all over again! So I came up with this page to point people to where I can give em the basics.

You can’t catch catfish without the best bait to use. Based on my experience, here is the best bait to use for catching catfish.

  • Chicken livers! One of the baits to use folks.  I love these.  I love to eat them and so do catfish.  They give off a really strong smell that attracts them.  One of the best things about these babies is they’re cheap.  You can pick up at the grocery store.  You’ll have to check your hook every half hour or so just to make sure the liver is still on the hook.
  • Crawfish/Crawdads. This is what catfish naturally eat when they’re in the natural habitats.  Here’s a tip though.  You want to use shelled crawfish because, like shrimp, they fall off the hook pretty easy.  I always pick ‘em up at a bait shop on my way to where I’m going.
  • Worms. Load up your hook with these babies.  You can get them at the local bait shop.
  •  Pizza! Can you believe it?  If I eat pizza the night before I go catfishing, I’ll save the crust part of the pizza.  You know those bits where there’s still some cheese on them?  Those are good too.  I’ll cut up the crust into chunks and put them on the hook.  They stay on the hook easy that way.

Here’s a great catfish bait recipe for you to use:

Great Catfish Stinkbait recipe

  •     1 lb of old, moldy cheese
  •     1/2 lb of chicken livers
  •     chicken liver blood (in the container of chicken livers)
  •     1/2 cup of corn starch
  •     1/2 cup of baking soda
  •     1/4 cup of cornmeal
  •     1/2 cup of powdered garlic
  • Cut each liver into 4 pieces
  •    Mix it all together until it’s like pizza dough.  You might need to add less or more corn starch to get it to the pizza dough consistency.
  •     Roll the mixture into balls like meatballs.
  •     Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper
  •     Place the balls on the wax paper
  •     Slowly drizzle the chicken liver blood on top of the balls, allowing the blood to sink in
  •     Dust the top of the balls with garlic powder
  •     If you’re going fishing within the next couple of days, place in refrigerator until you need them
  •     If it’s longer out, just put ‘em in the freezer

Why do catfish bait often smell so strong?

Because catfish don’t have good eyesight.  They find their food by their sense of smell.  And since water weakens the smell of anything, strong baits work best.  That’s why we like to call ‘em stinkbaits.