Tips for Cooking During Family Camping

When you go out for camping, a member of your family plays the role of camping chef. It is always fun to cook during family camping. The cooking of food on camping may range from simple hot dogs on a stick to something delicious that is cooked over an open fire. But keep in mind that you are away from your home and you need all the essential cooking equipment to avoid any kind of trouble during the camping. In order to enjoy your cooking and food during camping, you must prepare certain things before well before your departure.

  1. You must bring extra matches or lighters as a precautionary measure.
  2. Prepare a list of all the ingredients. In this way, you will never forget any important ingredient.
  3. Keep a stove or grill with you because it will help you to cook food. You can purchase a propane or white gas stove because they produce more heat.
  4. Store the spices in separate plastic bags.
  5. If possible, purchase a separate set of dishes, silverware, dishpan, washrag, towels, and soap. Keep these things separate from other luggage.
  6. If you are carrying some kind of pre cooked food with you, you must keep it a tight jar so that its freshness can be maintained. Pre cooked meat is better than the raw meat when you go out for family camping.
  7. You must bring all the essential cooking supplies but bring them in small quantities according to the number of family members.
  8. You can also carry instant or dried soups that will enhance the enjoyment of dinner during cold or a rainy weather.
  9. As far as the cold water is concerned, you should use ice blocks in your cooler because they stay for a long times as compared to the ice cubes.
  10. Bring the food that can be admired and liked by all the family members. In this respect, you can bring things like hotdogs on a sharpened stick or even potatoes that the kids can help peel. In this way, family camping will become a full fun for all the members of the family. All members can participate in the process of cooking.
  11. Try to use aluminum foils to make the packets of food. They will be preserved in a better way and aluminum foil also keeps the moisture of the food.
  12. You must bring a hand crank can opener. Bye a sponge so that you can easily wash plates and other similar things during camping.
  13. A coffee percolator with the glass bulb on top works great on the stove or fire. During cold weather, coffee and family camping are considered as most appropriate companions.
  14. Bring corkscrew if you are planning to sip wine during camping. Don’t rely over the ordinary pocketknives.
  15. You can use plastic cutting board or Picnic tables to cut or serve the food but I personally prefer the plastic cutting board because it is easy to wash.
  16. There will be need of sharp knives for preparing food, and possibly for cutting those steaks you grill. Folding pocketknives should be the “locking” type, which prevent accidental folding of the blade.

When you are equipped with all the stuff, you will definitely enjoy your family camping.