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Taking pictures underwater is an interesting part of the photography world. This practice used to be uncommon because it involved using expensive equipment that took a great deal of time to learn. Modern technology has brought smaller, more affordable cameras that anyone can use.

Waterproof cameras have more versatility than standard digital cameras and can be a more fun to use, since the user is not limited to shooting pictures or videos on land. There’s no worry about dirt or water ruining the camera and there is better chance of capturing truly breathtaking shots.

There are some things to bear in mind before purchasing an underwater camera.

For the average user taking photos while swimming in a pool or at the beach, the camera should have a depth rating of at least 10 feet. People who go diving or snorkeling should look at cameras with at least a 30 foot depth rating.

Lower-priced cameras may insert unwanted lens noise while zooming in and out. This can be avoided with a higher quality model.

HD Capability
High definition video makes for the best results.

Megapixels and Shooting Modes
The camera should have at least 10 megapixel picture quality and have a variety of different shooting modes. The modes will allow for picture taking in many different lights and environments while the megapixels will provide high quality prints in the larger resolutions.

This feature will prevent unnecessary motion during filming or shooting and smooth playback in the final video product or prints.

The camera should be resistant to damage from being dropped or jostled.

Basic maintenance will keep the camera working properly. The user should consult the instruction booklet that comes with camera to understand its operation and care.

Most underwater digital cameras are priced under $300. While cheaper models can be found it should be noted those models will provide lower quality photos and less features than a higher-priced model. It can also be practical to purchase the previous year’s model which can have great features for a much lower price. As with many things, you get what you pay for.

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4681015553_4e809fcaeeA quality digital camera is a must for nature photography. The CCD has to be sensitive enough to pick up the nuance of lighting in the frame, the shadow depth on the leaves. The lens and zoom need to put your subject in just the right focus, eliminate distortion. Photographers search high and low for the perfect camera and the perfect shot. When staying in a natural setting, whether you’re camping or in a secluded cabin or mountain retreat it’s important to protect your camera. Even as an amateur photographer, someone just shooting photos of the family trip at the beach or for example, take a pictures during during memorables weekends in cottages for rent in Quebec. That camera is your window on the memories the trip brings. And lets face it, a high quality digital camera isn’t exactly disposable. Nature is wet, nature is dirty, and the precision machinery inside your camera needs to be kept away from all of that. Water and electronics don’t mix, obviously, so your best bet when considering a digital camera for snapping those beautiful photos of nature is a waterproof one.

Most manufacturers offer a waterproof model, if not several models. Depending on the specifications your waterproof camera may be perfect for shooting in the rain, can survive being dropped in a puddle, or you may be able to take it snorkeling and SCUBA diving. The underwater models offer just as wide a range of features as a regular camera, but offer almost exclusive access to the stunning vistas available when photographing deep coral reefs, interesting shipwrecks, or your kids playing in the pool.

A camera expert can help steer you toward the model that best suits your needs. There’s really no point buying a camera that can withstand depths of 400 yards if you’re not a diver, but a wet camera that isn’t designed for it could cost quite a bit to replace.


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