Best Baits to Use for Catfish

Folks, learning how to catch catfish is a lot different than learning how to fish for bass, crappie, etc. When you throw your line in the water, you want to keep your catfish bait in the same area.

In other kinds of freshwater fishing, you often cover a lot of area until you find where the fish are hiding.  Fishing for catfish is different.  Here’s why …

By keeping your bait in the same area, the scent from the catfish bait intensifies.  This is very important when fishing for channel catfish.  Because it’s a channel, the water will move your line and bait.  Don’t let this happen for very long.

You’re going to want to throw back in the same, original area of water that you started fishing in.  By going back to the same area of water, you allow that stink bait to really stink up that area of water.  And remember, because catfish rely on scent more than sight, this is critical.

If you want to learn Best Baits to Use for your best spinning reel, you’ve come to the right place. I know a thing or two about catching em. Everyone wanted to know my secrets and frankly, I got tired of repeating myself all over again! So I came up with this page to point people to where I can give em the basics.

You can’t catch catfish without the best bait to use. Based on my experience, here is the best bait to use for catching catfish.

  • Chicken livers! One of the baits to use folks.  I love these.  I love to eat them and so do catfish.  They give off a really strong smell that attracts them.  One of the best things about these babies is they’re cheap.  You can pick up at the grocery store.  You’ll have to check your hook every half hour or so just to make sure the liver is still on the hook.
  • Crawfish/Crawdads. This is what catfish naturally eat when they’re in the natural habitats.  Here’s a tip though.  You want to use shelled crawfish because, like shrimp, they fall off the hook pretty easy.  I always pick ‘em up at a bait shop on my way to where I’m going.
  • Worms. Load up your hook with these babies.  You can get them at the local bait shop.
  •  Pizza! Can you believe it?  If I eat pizza the night before I go catfishing, I’ll save the crust part of the pizza.  You know those bits where there’s still some cheese on them?  Those are good too.  I’ll cut up the crust into chunks and put them on the hook.  They stay on the hook easy that way.

Here’s a great catfish bait recipe for you to use:

Great Catfish Stinkbait recipe

  •     1 lb of old, moldy cheese
  •     1/2 lb of chicken livers
  •     chicken liver blood (in the container of chicken livers)
  •     1/2 cup of corn starch
  •     1/2 cup of baking soda
  •     1/4 cup of cornmeal
  •     1/2 cup of powdered garlic
  • Cut each liver into 4 pieces
  •    Mix it all together until it’s like pizza dough.  You might need to add less or more corn starch to get it to the pizza dough consistency.
  •     Roll the mixture into balls like meatballs.
  •     Cover a cookie sheet with wax paper
  •     Place the balls on the wax paper
  •     Slowly drizzle the chicken liver blood on top of the balls, allowing the blood to sink in
  •     Dust the top of the balls with garlic powder
  •     If you’re going fishing within the next couple of days, place in refrigerator until you need them
  •     If it’s longer out, just put ‘em in the freezer

Why do catfish bait often smell so strong?

Because catfish don’t have good eyesight.  They find their food by their sense of smell.  And since water weakens the smell of anything, strong baits work best.  That’s why we like to call ‘em stinkbaits.

The Best Honeymoon Camping for a Better Starting

Just going to start your conjugal life? Are you crazy or are you afraid? What is your current situation, man? But in my own experience, I can give you an easy solution with a simple tips: If you able to start your life with a happy starting, your future conjugal life will be tuned happy all the time. I mean, starting is the very important. And that is not only for marriage life, anything. Yes, start anything with a smile, that you can be succeed must.

So my motto is, when I start anything, I start that one, with just a smile. I like it. Yes, also I love smiling all the time. That motivated me all the time and inspired me to work more and more.

Anyway, and that’s why my suggestion is, start your conjugal life by a camping. Yes, go for a camping to enjoy your very first honeymoon. And enjoy it with your maximum ability. So your future conjugal life will be tuned just fine.

Here is a simple tips to go for a camping for the first time with your hubby. How? Very simple, just inspired him/her by explaining how adventurers is that. Each and every guy love adventure. So if you able to present it to your partner perfectly, he/she must be crazy and ready to go for the camping with you.

And if he/she go for a camping, he/she must be loved it. Because of, we are a part of our nature. And that’s why every person love to go to nature.

Recently one of my best friend starting his life by a camping after completed their marriage. After back, his wife is really happy and they are planning to go camping to the next year again. I just smiled and trying to remember my dearest wife’s same history. And that’s the reason, we go for the camping often. And that’s why we love each other very much. Camping gives us a happy life.

Some of my friends ask me, how you enjoy your happy marriage life year after year? Well, dear friends, that is the save the marriage system guideline I follow in my life. If you want to lock your marriage life in happy world, you can start camping each year. Even twice a year. Or like me, 4-6 times each year.

Happy conjugal life!

Primary Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction

Men can be really harsh with them when it comes to erectile dysfunction. The reason for this lies in the fact that they want to satisfy their partner in bed always. As they discover that they no longer can hold it up, they start developing complexes. It has to be mentioned that modern science and technology has improved beyond imagination. In addition to this, there are natural remedies also that can cure erectile dysfunction. There is another way of preventing this problem that of getting acquainted with the symptoms of erectile dysfunction, so that you can resort to a remedy right away.

What are the Symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction?

There are quite a number of signs that will tell you there is something wrong with your erection. If you want to be able to identify them, then make sure you read through this section with care:

  • Facing trouble while getting an erection
  • Unable to keep an erection
  • Lack of sexual vigor because of this
  • Sometimes untimely experiencing untimely erections, especially while sleeping and holding it for long

What to Do?

ED is not like any other sexual dysfunction but differs in a lot of ways. In order to get a proper understanding, you must consult a doctor first. You may also resort to alternative medication for this and follow their course of treatment. However, you must understand that you need to adhere to this treatment completely and make changes in your life accordingly. Ideally speaking, you must diligently remain loyal to a program you take up while curing ED. Everything will fall into place if you stay put and do not give up easily. It is a process and you need to go through it without grimacing for your own good.

It would be advisable to visit a doctor the moment you experience any of these symptoms of erectile dysfunction. You may try to make lifestyle changes as soon as you can to take on this problem. You must take long walks, exercise and eat right to stay away from this trouble. An important that most people tend to neglect is giving up on addiction like smoking, drinking and substance abuse. This can occur in anybody and if people are thinking they should get worried only after 40, then they are wrong. Living a healthy life should be made compulsory and everyone should abide by it.

Best Baby Swing for Small Spaces

With several alternatives on the market, shopping around for a best baby swing can be overwhelming for a new parent. Most moms and dads are looking for a safe and functional swing to cradle their child or rock them to sleep in, but many parents also cite portability and size as important factors. Thankfully, compact and transportable (yet still of high quality) options exist. If you’re in need of a swing that will fit into a small area, check out some of these best portable baby swings:

Ingenuity Convert Me Swing-2-Seat – Seneca

The highlight of this swing is that it can easily be folded “in a snap,” making it comfortable to transport with one hand and fit into a small car. Besides being portable and taking up a relatively small amount of space when in use, this swing boasts five select speeds to suit your baby’s desire, along with multiple melodies and nature sounds. It also comes with a timer and automatic shut-off feature. It is suitable for both boys and girls and comes with two toys and three extra loops for you to add your toys too. It can be found at major retail stores such as Kohls, Target, and Bed Bath & Beyond and can also be ordered online.

Comfort & Harmony Portable Swing – Cozy Kingdom

For the parent looking for a simple, affordable swing without all the bells and whistles, the Luxury & Music Transportable Swing is an excellent choice. Despite being only $50 when you order it online, it still offers six different swinging speeds and two different reclining positions for your baby to enjoy. The advanced technology known as Whisper Quiet allows for the swing to be turned on and in motion without creating an excess of background noise that could keep your baby awake. This jungle-themed apparatus is easily one of the best baby swings available for its very affordable price.

Fisher-Price Deluxe Take-Along Swing & Seat – Saturn Snuggle

Portable and compact, Fisher-Price’s Saturn Snuggle is not only a soothing swing but also a seat that can be used to carry easily and transport your baby. It is straightforward and lightweight, yet it can be used for children weighing up to 25 pounds. With this swing, you’ll be able to choose from 6 different speeds and multiple sounds and songs. It is available in a gender-neutral color and comes with a removable insert for newborns. Only $80 online, this two-for-one baby swing covers multiple needs and adjusts to fit your child’s moods and preferences as they grow. It can also be found at Target stores.

Even if you have enough space for a vast and bulky baby swing, a compact and portable one may still be your best bet, as these are easily moveable and often function as both a swing and a seat. The three options listed above range in price from $50 to $90, yet they all feature safe, stylish, and functional designs. Whichever option you choose, your baby will thank you for providing them with a comfortable swing for them to use for relaxation and sleep.

Best Paleo cookbooks for Kitchen Beginner

Practical Paleo: This is the best paleo cookbook ever for the newbie who are not skilled in making paleo. Diane Sanfilippo’s sensible Paleo could be an excellent spot to start out for anyone. United Nations agency is new Paleo and desires a good, extremely visual summary of the most efficient thanks to implementing the diet, besides the reasoning for several of the most principles of Paleo. We have a tendency toll as together why we eliminate vegetable oils and refined grains. This book has been a valuable tool for several of my shoppers, particularly those within the Raleigh space, and Dr. Dishpan, the therapist I work with, often has her patients purchase this book as a useful guide to the diet recommendations she makes to them.

What’s nice concerning this book to stocking a storage room, to finding hidden protein? Diane perpetually makes her data extraordinarily straightforward to follow and implement, and this book could also be the foremost useful for anyone United Nations agency is new Paleo and doesn’t apprehend wherever to start out. This is the best paleo cookbook because it has ranked very high on Amazon and marked as a best paleo cookbook.

She additionally provides data tailored to many completely different common health conditions so as to assist people to create the proper selections for his or her specific health issues. Practical best paleo cookbook is including the huge amount of recipes which is examining very clearly. Is at the highest of my list as a result of if I may solely offer one book to somebody trying to urge started on an additional ancestrally-inspired diet, this may be the one I tell them to push. I can mark it as a best paleo cookbook because this best paleo cookbook covers all type of diet.

Your Personal Paleo Code: Chris Kresser’s recipe book named “Your Personal Paleo Code” is the second on my list as a best paleo cookbook. And as a result of I take into account it to be needed reading for folks that have already bought into the concept of Paleo. And perhaps are making an attempt a version of the Paleo diet for some months, however, understand that they have to grasp additional concerning the science behind the diet recommendations Similarly because the explanation for creating sure food selections to deal with their distinctive health desires. It is another higher ranking best paleo cookbook at this time.

Perhaps the largest reason why Your Personal Paleo Code is on this list is as a result of Chris walks readers through his bit-by-bit technique for reintroducing foods that they’ve been avoiding to work out if the food is a difficulty. I can’t emphasize the importance of this method enough: such a significant amount of my shoppers are unnecessarily avoiding certain foods that either. This paleo cookbook is including the huge amount of tasty paleo recipe.

Paleo is usually understood is that individuals tend to form excessive, gratuitous restrictions as a result of some blogger aforementioned that’s what they must do. I believe everybody United Nations agency follows a Paleo diet.

Important Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Best Family Camping Tent

Family camping tents prove really useful when you are planning a trip or an outdoor picnic. You must consider certain aspects before purchasing a best family tent for your family. Type of the tent and its utility are the most important in this respect. If you will decide about your requirement before purchasing a tent, you will be able to save your money and time.

What Type of the Tent You Need?

This depends on the type of camping you are planning. If you are planning a thrilling and adventurous trip probably through the hills, you should choose a light weight tent. On the other hand, if you are planning a weekend trip on a proper location, you must choose a room type or a large size tent for your family. Large family tents will be helpful to store all the luggage of your family and all the family members can sleep in the same tent.

Number of People that are Supposed to Use the Tent

As we are talking about the family camping, we will talk about the large family tents in which all the family members can stay together. You must also consider the aspects of storing things like clothes, entertainment and toiletries etc. The tent must be large enough to store all these things. Generally, people carry a large amount of luggage when they go for family camping. In this respect, tents for four persons and six persons are common. However, you must decide according to the number of your family members.

Kind of Material Used to Manufacture the Tent

It is yet another important thing to consider before purchasing a family camping tent. For example, if you are going to an area where rain is expected, the parachute stuff tent is a good choice for you. In certain conditions, you are supposed to experience extreme weather conditions. In such a situation, the most durable family camping tents are the best option for you. As a matter of fact, all the tents are somehow water resistant, but if you are expecting heavy showers, you must choose the best rain repellent tent for camping. In the same way, some tents are manufactured to resist the scorching sun and high-temperature conditions. Some tents are manufactured with the material that is helpful to resist extreme cold conditions and strong winds.

Design of the Tents

Family camping tents are available in different designs, shapes and colors. But you must choose one to fulfill your requirements. For example, if your height is 6.4 and you purchase a tent of 5.6 heights, you will face several issues during your camping. In windy conditions, a dome shape tent is useful because it is designed to buffer high and constant winds. In the areas where humidity is high, you must select a tent with lots of screened vents to prevent your family from insects. Nobody likes a cockroach in his food.

Bottom Line

Keep in mind the fact that family camping tents must be equipped with all the necessary things that you may require during the camping. So you must decide before considering all the aspects mentioned above.

Best Family Camping Tips Tricks

Tips to keep your children safe during family camping
Camping with kids is always a fun and amusement. When you are going out for family camping along with young children and little kids, you need to take some extra precautionary measures to avoid any kind of trouble during the family camping. It is also good for the safety and security of your children. Let me tell you some useful tips in this respect.

Even if you want to continue your daily life exercise when you are in camping, that’s good. Yes, you can do it if you have portable treadmills. Here is a list of best treadmills 2018 you may check:

Keep your children with in your eyesight or earshot
First of all, if your children are young, you must keep them within your eyesight and if they are older children you should keep them with in the distance of earshot.

Teach your kids to stay where they are when they are lost
Tell your children to stay where they are if they are lost. Teach them to stay near a tree so that they can be found easily.

Children should carry a survival kit or a whistle
Children who are 5 years old can carry a survival kit or they can carry a whistle around their neck. In this way, they can call for help if they are lost. You can set an alarm for three blows to indicate “I am lost” or “I am in need of help.”

Keep your children in warm clothes
It is a usual practice that the children get cold faster as compared to the adults. To avoid such a situation, keep your children in warm clothes especially in rainy weather.

Prepare separate bags for children’s cloth
Prepare separate bags for your children’s cloth so that they don’t get mixed with the rest of luggage. When your children change clothes at night, keep the dirty clothes in a separate bag.

Provide your child a separate flashlight
Each child should keep his own separate flashlight. In this way, they will not fight over the flashlight and it is also good from the perspective of safety and security.

Bring some indoor games with you during family camping
You must bring a number of indoor games with you. You can play these indoor games during the day or you can also play these games at night with the help of flashlight or a lantern. This kind of activity will definitely enhance the overall fun and enjoyment of your family camping.

Teach your children to keep the environment clean
When you are doing the family camping outdoors, there is the possibility of a good amount of garbage. So you must teach your children to keep all the garbage in a dustbin or in the bags. You can dispose the garbage at the end of your family camping trip. In this way, you can keep the place of camping and the surrounding environment clean.

Bring the friends of your children with you
It is also good to bring the friends of your children with you. In this way, a group of children will enjoy more and they will also be able to play outdoor games easily. Two or more children will entertain themselves for longer periods than will a single child. In this way, your children’s family camping enjoyment will become manifolds.

Tips for Cooking During Family Camping

When you go out for camping, a member of your family plays the role of camping chef. It is always fun to cook during family camping. The cooking of food on camping may range from simple hot dogs on a stick to something delicious that is cooked over an open fire. But keep in mind that you are away from your home and you need all the essential cooking equipment to avoid any kind of trouble during the camping. In order to enjoy your cooking and food during camping, you must prepare certain things before well before your departure.

  1. You must bring extra matches or lighters as a precautionary measure.
  2. Prepare a list of all the ingredients. In this way, you will never forget any important ingredient.
  3. Keep a stove or grill with you because it will help you to cook food. You can purchase a propane or white gas stove because they produce more heat.
  4. Store the spices in separate plastic bags.
  5. If possible, purchase a separate set of dishes, silverware, dishpan, washrag, towels, and soap. Keep these things separate from other luggage.
  6. If you are carrying some kind of pre cooked food with you, you must keep it a tight jar so that its freshness can be maintained. Pre cooked meat is better than the raw meat when you go out for family camping.
  7. You must bring all the essential cooking supplies but bring them in small quantities according to the number of family members.
  8. You can also carry instant or dried soups that will enhance the enjoyment of dinner during cold or a rainy weather.
  9. As far as the cold water is concerned, you should use ice blocks in your cooler because they stay for a long times as compared to the ice cubes.
  10. Bring the food that can be admired and liked by all the family members. In this respect, you can bring things like hotdogs on a sharpened stick or even potatoes that the kids can help peel. In this way, family camping will become a full fun for all the members of the family. All members can participate in the process of cooking.
  11. Try to use aluminum foils to make the packets of food. They will be preserved in a better way and aluminum foil also keeps the moisture of the food.
  12. You must bring a hand crank can opener. Bye a sponge so that you can easily wash plates and other similar things during camping.
  13. A coffee percolator with the glass bulb on top works great on the stove or fire. During cold weather, coffee and family camping are considered as most appropriate companions.
  14. Bring corkscrew if you are planning to sip wine during camping. Don’t rely over the ordinary pocketknives.
  15. You can use plastic cutting board or Picnic tables to cut or serve the food but I personally prefer the plastic cutting board because it is easy to wash.
  16. There will be need of sharp knives for preparing food, and possibly for cutting those steaks you grill. Folding pocketknives should be the “locking” type, which prevent accidental folding of the blade.

When you are equipped with all the stuff, you will definitely enjoy your family camping.